All Compositions (list)


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A chronological list of the compositions is to be found under Chronology.

*  indicates a withdrawn piece

**  indicates juvenilia, withdrawn and not available

Opera & Ballet

The Importance of Being Earnest, chamber opera in two acts (2017)

Warriors, choreographic poem to a dance work of Pontus Lidberg (2010)
William, chamber opera in two acts (2006)

Orchestral Works

Enchanted Forest, for orchestra (2021)
Serenade, for strings and organ (2019)
Romantic Miniatures, for chamber orchestra (2019, based on earlier organ pieces)

Variations for Orchestra on a Theme of Mozart (1984/2019)

Pan, for large orchestra (2015)

Death in Venice, for orchestra (2013)

Toccata, Aria & Chaconne, for string orchestra (2011)

Warriors, choreographic poem for orchestra (2010)
The Garden of Delights, for orchestra (2009)
Passacaglia, for large orchestra (1988/2008)
Bohèmiana, after Giacomo Puccini, version for orchestra (2007)
Satyricon, choreographic poem for large orchestra (2000)
Epitaffio, for string orchestra (1989)
Intrada, for winds and percussion (1989)
Ouverture, for orchestra (1984)

* Shades, symphony for large orchestra (1982)
** Trolle-Ljungby horn och pipa, symphonic poem for large orchestra (1979)
** Grazioso—Allegro maestoso, for orchestra (1979)
** Fantasia for large orchestra (1978)
** Little Suite, for string orchestra (1978)
** Adagio, for strings and woodwind (1978)
** Symphony in G major (1978)
** Symphony in C major (1977)

Solo Concertos

Poseidon, Organ Concerto No. 2 (2021)
Le fontane di Villa d’Este, Variazioni su antiche danze per organo grande e orchestra (2019)

Beyond the Senses, concerto for string trio and orchestra (2018)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Homage to Michelangelo (2016)

Albertus Pictor, concerto for organ and strings (2014)

Reflections, for soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and orchestra (2003)
Apollo, concerto for percussion solo and orchestra (1995)
Concerto for horn and orchestra (1985/1993)
Concerto per pianoforte, fiati e percussione (1984)

* Concerto per viola ed orchestra piccola (1983)
** Concerto for flute and strings (1976)

Ensemble Works

Awakening of the Beauteous Faun, for 8 violoncellos (2012)
Bohèmiana, after Giacomo Puccini, version for chamber ensemble (2003)
Biennal-fanfare, for brass and timpani (1997)
Fanfare, for brass and timpani (1990)

* Concertino per 8 viole (1982)
** Suite for brass octet and timpani, F minor (1980)

Chamber Music (2–6 Players)

The Secrets of Eros, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello (2010)
Games for Giton, for wind quintet (2002)
Betraktelse över en psalm, for brass quintet (1995)
Berceuse, for piano four hands (1990)
Dark Shadows, for tenor recorder and marimba (1990)
Notturno, for violoncello and organ (1989)
A Bed of Roses, for five percussionists (1989)
Conflicts, for five percussionists (1988)
Impromptu, for clarinet [or flute] and vibraphone (1987)
Sonata for percussion and piano (1987)
Three canons for three doublebasses (1986)
Sonata for horn (or violoncello) and piano (1985)

* Fanfare, for clarinet and trumpet (1984)
Variations on a theme of Mozart, for two violins/violas (1984)
„Nur ein bisschen sonderbar”, for oboe and piano (1983)
Divertimento, for viola, trombone, and cello (1983)
Duetto per fagotto e contrafagotto (1983)
Insieme III, for clarinet, horn, 2 violas, and doublebass (1983)
Incidental music to Molières ”Don Juan”, for flute and viola (1983)

* Insieme II, for flute and viola (1982)
Chorale, for brass quartet (1982)
* Insieme, for viola and percussion (1982)
Episoder, for string quartet (1982)
* Fem sidor av ett tema, for wind sextet (1981)
** Allegro marcato, C minor, for viola and doublebass (1980)
** Duos for flute and doublebass (1978)
** String Quartet in G major (1978)
** Sonata for violin and piano (1977)
** Andante and Allegro, for three violins (1976)
** Duos for violin and doublebass (1976—78)
** Duos for two violins (1975—76)

Piano Works

Pieces for Pontus, for piano (2007)
Tema con variazioni, for piano (1983)
Aforismer, for piano (1982)
** Bolero per pianoforte (1980)
** Något för piano (1979)
** Andante cantabile, for piano (1978)

Organ Works

Toccata, for organ (2022)
Sera d’estate al Pincio (2019)
Elegy for an Angel, for organ (2009)
Adagio mesto, for organ (1982/2009)
Fanfare, for organ (2009)
Nocturne, for organ (1990/2008)
Prelude, for organ (1983/2008)
Processional, for organ (2008)
Benedictus, for organ (1992/2008)

* Canto dolce, for organ (1990)
Procession, for organ (1988)
Variations on a theme of Mozart, version for organ (1984/1985/2009)
* Festpreludium, for organ (1983)
* Mesto, for organ (1982)
* Meditation, for organ (1982)
** Vision, for organ (1980)
** Offertorium, for organ (1980)
** Prelude and Fugue for organ, F major (1978)

Works for Other Solo Instruments

Fantasia per viola sola (1980/1987)
Lamento, for violoncello solo (1986)
Solotrombonfantasi (1984)
Soloflöjtfantasi (1983)
Solovioloncellfantasi (1982)

* Solotrumpetfantasi (1982)
* Pezzi per arpa (1982)

** Soloviolinfantasi (1980)
** Sonatina per violoncello solo (1979)
** Pieces for solo violin (1975—76)

Choral Works

Vier Luther-Variationen, for baritone solo, mixed chorus, and organ (2017)

Från mars -79, for mixed chorus and organ (2013)

The Tyger, for mixed chorus and organ [or accordion] (2012)

A Christmas Gloria, for chorus, organ, and orchestra (2009)
A Song of Joys, for male chorus, solo voice, and percussion (2005)
Kyssar vill jag dricka, for mixed chorus a cappella (2004)
Sonnet XVIII, for mixed chorus a cappella (2002)
Kom, gryende dag, for mixed chorus a cappella (1988)
Du gav din ande röst, for mixed chorus a cappella (1988)
Te Deum, for baritone, mixed chorus, percussion, 2 violas, 2 violoncellos, and organ (1987)
“Du som är…”, for women’s chorus, solo viola, and large organ (1986)
Stabat Mater, for women’s chorus, solo violoncello, and solo doublebass (1985)

* Vindar, cantata for solo voice, mixed chorus, and orchestra (1983)
** Missa brevis, for mixed chorus a cappella (1983)

Hjärtstilla, for mixed chorus a cappella (1982)
Nachts, for male chorus a cappella (1981)
Jungfru Maria i rosengård, for mixed chorus and piano (1981)

** In gloria patris, for mixed chorus and children’s chorus a cappella (1980)
** Cantata, for mixed chorus, solo voices, and organ (1979)
** Vad vet vi?, for women’s chorus and piano (1979)
** Vintern, for solo voices, mixed chorus, and orchestra (1978)

Solo Voice(s) with Instrument(s)

Sonetti di Michelangelo, for voice and piano (2016)

Antique, for male voice and piano (1999)
* Hesse-Lieder, for baritone and piano (1982)
Hymnus, for soprano, baritone, and piano four hands (1982)
* Syllogismer, for soprano and piano (1981)
Fyra Bilder, for voice and piano (1981)
** Vier Deutsche Lieder, for voice and string orchestra (1980)